• Angel Callaway, CPC, CPB

Medicare Payment for COVID-19 in Home Administration

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Effective June 8,2021 Medicare will reimburse Healthcare Providers $35.00 for administering COVID-19 /vaccines in the home for Medicare patients that have difficulty leaving their homes or are hard to reach.

Medicare will continue to reimbure the standared administration fee (approximately $40 per dose) and will pay the additional amount of $35 for a total of approximately $75 for a single-dose vaccine or $150 for both doses of the 2-dose vaccine.

You will continue to use the current vaccination codes for COVID-19 vaccines and add the HCPCS Level II code M0201 for the additional payment. The HCPCS M0201 can only be billed once per date of service. If you are administering the vaccine to more than one Medicare beneficiary in the home you cannot bill M0201 for each beneficiary on the same day.

If you submit roster bills for COVID-19 vaccines you must submit 2 roster bills, one containing the CPT code for the vaccine administration and one for the additional payment with HCPC code M0201.

Get the FAQ guide here: https://www.cms.gov/files/document/vaccine-home.pdf

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