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Billing & Revenue Cycle Management


Collections of Accounts Receivable is an essential element of any healthcare organization or physician's practice.  With our dedication to exemplary customer service and years of medical billing experience, Apex Practice Solutions is the business partner that can help maximize your profitability.  


We recognize that it is difficult to keep a watchful eye on the RCM processes while providing quality care to your patients. Everchanging industry rules from both payors and employers keep many practices and healthcare organizations from knowing, reacting and educating to make necessary changes to maximize revenue.  It is also difficult to find qualified staff that have the skill-set to fight for every dollar.  As your business partner it is our top goal to ensure you are paid correctly and in full for your contractual amounts for the services provided to your patients. 

Customized Billing Solutions

At Apex we offer our customers the ability to customize a service package that best meets the organization’s needs. You may pick and choose from the multiple services that we provide to assist with all barriers between your current environment and maximum, and timely, reimbursement.  

EDI Rejections and Denial Management

Denied claims are lost money, especially when claims never get corrected and resubmitted. Sifting through denial reasons to identify and correct errors is time consuming and costly.  Our accounts receivable specialists are committed to recognizing errors early in the revenue cycle, making corrections, communicating to you what caused the problem, and providing education to prevent recurrance.

Comprehensive A/R Resolution Including Staff and
Provider Education

By utilizing the expertise of our certified coding staff, medical records are reviewed for denied services, with recommendations on procedure codes, modifiers or diagnoses, looking for appropriate appeal consideration.  Our Apex coders and billing specialists work as a team with our clients to provide education back to clinic staff and providers.  

Improved Cash Flow and Reduction in Days in Accounts Receivable

Controlling the Days in A/R, or the time it takes to receive payment for rendered and billed services, is key to managing the organization's cash flow and strengthen profitability.  With Apex, you can expect aggressive, yet professional, pursuit of payment from insurance companies and patients, improving and maintaining the overall health of the accounts receivable.


Trend Reporting

Delivery of monthly system reports can be expected by our clients, but review of mounds of paper to find key pieces of information and the state of your practice can sometimes be challenging.  At Apex, we also provide our clients with Key Performance Indicator reporting, much like a Dashboard, with crucial gauges to show how your clinic or organization performance compares with national benchmark standards.


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