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  • Angel Callaway, CPC, CPB

How to Choose a Billing Company


So you have decided to look into outsourcing your accounts receivables. How do choose the right company? How do you know what company is a good fit for your practice? Choosing the right company can be scary and stressful. Before choosing a company consider the following.

What experience do they have?

Medical billing is complicated and knowing the billing rules, regulations, and appeals process for each payer is essential for strong revenue cycle management. You will want a company that is experienced in handling the volume and type of billing for you specific practice.

Can they handle your EMR system?

There is a large number of practice management systems available to clinics, hospitals and individual practitioner's to manage the day to day activities of your practice. A good medical billing company should be familiar with the majority of practice management systems and willing to learn your specific system if they are not familiar with it.

Where are they located?

Hiring a billing company located in the same country as your practice makes getting support much easier and less stressful. Ask where they are located and how their team can ensure you are going to receive the support you need. Having a primary contact and support during business hours is crucial to a good working relationship.

Are they HIPAA compliant?

Any billing company will need access to confidential patient information to complete the billing process so they should be following HIPAA guidelines. Do they a compliance manager in place to assure the guidelines are followed and proper security is in place to avoid the exposure of confidential information.

How do they communicate with you?

Will you have a dedicated account representative? How do you contact them, is there a direct line to your assigned representative, or do they prefer email communication. How do they send monthly reports? Do they schedule phone calls with you to go over these reports?

What additional services do they offer?

There may come a time in the life of your practice that you require additional services, such as credentialing when adding new providers to your practice, or consulting to resolve concerns/questions. What additional services do they offer? Consulting, credentialing, practice management, payroll, human resources, etc.

Apex Practice Solutions, Inc. has experience in multispecialty clinics across the country and we currently work in multiple EHR systems. We are located in Victoria, TX and offer

  • Revenue cycle management

  • Credentialing

  • Coding and Review services

  • Practice Management

  • Consulting

Contact us to see how our team of billing experts can improve your billing process and revenue cycle management.

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